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This book is a very fast read. It is good and simple. I enjoyed reading it. It is written in the voice of a big, monstrous barbarian who likes killing. Hence the " simple.
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ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite Worlds Apart: Mackov Chronicles by David Krag Usmack is an incredible story that combines romance with political intrigue to set the reader on a rollicking ride on a very strong tide of conflict. Mackov and Bynova are two unlikely people to be together in a romantic relationship, two souls from two different worlds. Mackov is a dreamer, a man who wants to be an inventor some day, and who dreams of a romantic relationship like no one has ever experienced.

Bynova has lost the love of her life to a rival. She is an empress who is about to lose her throne as well. A looming threat brings her into contact with Mackov, and sparks ignite powerfully between them. As they embark on a forbidden romance and on the quest to save their realm, they are barely aware of plotters who want Mackov dead and Bynova dethroned. Can they win against envy and hatred? Readers will fall in love with Mackov, a man who seems to live under constant stress, but the transformation that sweeps through his life is so powerful that it changes not only his life, but the story of the woman he meets.

The conflict is well-developed and explored at multiple levels. Worlds Apart: Mackov Chronicles is deftly plotted and written to an amazing finish, with memorable characters, strong plot lines, and an enticing, somewhat lyrical style of writing that keeps the reader turning pages nonstop. The Mackov Chronicles , 1. One such follower is Karak the Unsated. One such follower is Daken the Blind. Forged with iron from mines hidden in the Kirsinti Mountains the craftsmanship of their equipment rivals any in all of Heren.

However, when done successfully, the result is an an item of extraordinary power such as the Blood Reaver. Their skill in battle makes it a bit awkard for those who might suggest that to a true barbarian's face, however. Crystal is one such substance able to endure the magical erosion of the evil being. snell - Fantasy / Action & Adventure: Books

Keeping to themselves except when their chieftain declares war, they rage in a "blood fury" slaughtering any caught in their path. Awareness has a chance to increase your raid XP similar to but more powerful than the Scroll of Proficiency. Her father then had this blade crafted in his failed quest to kill the hideous beast. He then urned to the dark arts and is rumored to have created this axe with the blood of demons. Their jealousy of each other's powers turned brotherhood to battle as Fire sought to consume Ice and Ice sought to quench Fire. The mystics' curses sent the knights into the swamps to wander forever.

It's rumored that the great grandfather of Jack Blood melted down his gold coins and fashioned the gold into weapons in order to smuggle the precious metal into Heren where the gold would once again be fashioned into coins. Categories :. Cancel Save. They say this particular variety was originally used by a lost society of bird people far to the east.

Bone Barrel Pistol.

Collection Items

This pistol is often a collector's item as each pistol is carefully crafted and distinct from any other pistol of its kind. Gierdon Special. Book 1 market gold ; standard raid drop; all Treasure Chests up to Book 4.

Narnia Book 1 The Magicians Nephew Part 1

One of Gierdon's first creations, the special was one of the first rifles to support a "rapid repeat" type feature. Marine Boarding Axe. A particularly rugged version of this woodsman's favorite often used by seamen to gain a foothold on an enemy ship and even chop down the mast when all else fails.

Marine Deck Rifle. Book 1 market 5 plat ; standard raid drop; all Treasure Chests up to Book 4. Carried aboard the Royal Heren Naval vessels, the deck rifle is the first line of defense against Sea Reavers and their ilk. Officer's Rapier. Provincial Kingsland Musket. While not as accurate as its city-born brethren, muskets are often used by hunters, farmers, and provincial militia and deadly at close range.

Ranger's Hunting Knife. Exceedingly large hunting knife often carried by rangers. Royal Army Bigshot. Book 1 market 1, gold ; standard raid drop; all Treasure Chests up to Book 4. The Bigshot is often carried by rangers like Fenn and is so named for the size of the ammunition and its ability to take down big game. Royal Heren Arms Line Rifle. An ancient sling weapon used by herders - mastered by Provincial Rangers as a stealth weapon and modified to throw iron shot. Star of Freedom. A band of mercenaries once held a young prince captive until a drunk guard let the boy steal his weapon - a morning star.

Book 1 market 10 plat ; all Treasure Chests. A long, arched sword with an exquisitely carved black ivory rose on the hilt. This is the traditional blade used by Black Rose Assassins. Many a brave knight has passed to the next world at the hands of this spiked ball said to be forged by lost souls at the edge of the pits of Hell.

Book 1 market 5, gold ; standard raid drop; all Treasure Chests. A misfit short rifle that fires rope and a grappling hook - useful for boarding ships and often modified to shoot cannister bolts large spiked balls for close fighting. Big, curved handled pistol with a heavy hexagonal barrel, commonly carried by Praestor Knights. Book 1 market 7, gold ; standard raid drop; all Treasure Chests.

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In this, dragons are seen as giant pests, much like wolves, and are hunted to near extinction. Their scales are used to make outfits, their bones, blood, and teeth for medical "remedies," their flesh eaten, and their hearts consumed because it "supposedly makes a person invulnerable. The kestrel is absolutely no help at all. When the dragons arrive, a human army conveniently shows up shortly after to lull the dragons into a false slumber, start killing them off so that they, too, can eat them.

I did say this was gruesome. What made no sense to me and I probably missed because my eyes were glazed over: I don't recall it mentioned that the dragons killed all the humans, so they must have left, but all the dragon corpses were still there, so they had to have been driven off, but there wasn't a battle I was genuinely disappointing in this book, if you can't tell, and really grossed out.

I got through half of this book before I realized it was "technically" YA, and even then I didn't see the point in the whole "oh, instead of kill the dragons we've decided to eat them" plot twist.



It did nothing to the story and made me hate everyone. May 22, cookiemonger rated it liked it Shelves: Kaeldra reminded me of the majority of my reading at around seven to nine years old. In her case, having green eyes. This position in her society is in spite of a lifetime of trying to win people over. Structurally, the book is fine. The writing style is kind of floofy and overwrought. Lots of attempts to be fancy, replacing common terms with high fantasy made-up-ery.


The story does some interesting things with the character arcs, and the ending is good as well as happy. Tonally, the book is actually kind of a mess. Kaeldra takes on the charge of the baby dragons called draclings after view spoiler [their mother is killed by dragon slayers. Where one might have expected to see a Humans Are Evil narrative, there are actually quite a lot of nasty things that the dragons cause to happen which could arguably justify the widely held belief that dragons are bad and unwanted.

However, the bad things that dragons cause to happen are never really examined to a satisfying degree. Nor does Kaeldra herself seem to believe it. When they do bad things, she is horrified. She learns to own and be proud of who she is rather than forcing herself to conform to what others wanted her to be. I love that when she was first trying to conform, there was nothing but refusal of acceptance from her stepmother and the clear message that conforming would not help Kaeldra to obtain happiness.

The book starts off strong, but then events seem to rush forward crazily. Oh, and gets unceremoniously shot. Why are dragons entranced by a pipe? Why do they float? Why would an entire "kyn" of dragons come just to get a couple of babies? Considering the adult dragons that got slain, The book starts off strong, but then events seem to rush forward crazily. Considering the adult dragons that got slain, I don't think it was worth it for the kyn to show up for two babies.

Why do humans need to have a network to help the dragons with their babies? Can they not just raise them for a few months and take off without being noticed? Why are the dragons not intelligent enough to avoid eating so much livestock that the humans will be sure to come hunting them? Honestly, I wasn't that enamored of the dragon kits either - they were rather annoying and got Kaeldra into a lot of trouble.

The part where they grab the rabbits and then kill the family dog for doing its job ticked me off. I also want to know how old these people are, because her Granmyr tells her the story of when she was young and saw Kara Dragon-sayer summon the kyn of dragons. Kara is Kaeldra's great-grandmother. And from ONE example, they just assume that all her green-eyed descendants are dragon-sayers also?

This world jumps to a lot of conclusions. At the end you discover that there's a war going on that is going so poorly that the king actually thinks it's a good plan to call dragons which are considered extinct in large numbers so they can be slain and their hearts eaten. You know, since that makes you invincible and all there's no proof of that.